About Orgs Online

Our mission is to help nonprofit organizations serve others. We do this by offering nonprofit organizations online access to software which otherwise might be too costly for them to purchase and maintain.

Orgs Online software is offered as an online service. Instead of purchasing costly software, organizations subscribe to Orgs Online software services on an annual basis. Subscription rates vary according to the software application. In some cases, there is no cost to the organization.

There is no software to purchase, and no special hardware to maintain because we do that for you. Each subscription includes support services and system maintenance.

Most any computer with Internet access to the world wide web, can access Orgs OnLine software services throughout the day or night. For organizations that rely upon volunteers, Orgs OnLine software services gives authorized volunteers access to password protected information after regular business hours.

For some, delivering software as a service is something new. However, we at Orgs Online have been delivering software applications online for many years.

If your organization is looking for ways to enhance the services you provide without busting budgets, we would welcome the opportunity to assist you.

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